1/35 Trailer for Goliath Tracked Mine, for Tamiya kit Scale Barcode
129-3141 1/35 8595593126241

The Leichter Ladungsträger, also known as the Goliath, was a small, wire-guided destruction vehicle used by the German Wehrmacht during WW2. It resembled a tiny tank sans the turret and was capable of carrying up to 60 - 100 kg of explosives to the target area where the charge was set off. Two variants were in production, the SdKfz 302 powered solely by the means of an electric motor and the SdKfz 303 with a petrol engine. To the front line, the Goliath was transported on a two wheel trailer towed by a vehicle or even using human power. The model of the electric-powered SdKfz302 Goliath is produced by Tamiya in 1/35 scale, but as it doesn’t contain the transport trailer, we spoted this gap on the market and prepared a resin model of the trailer for you. It has been 3D designed and the master parts produced on a 3D printer.

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1/32 WWII Bristol Centaurus Engine for Tempest Mk.II for Special hobby kit Scale Barcode
129-5129 1/32 8595593126258

The Bristol Centaurus sleeve valve engine was the pinnacle of the British radial engine development. Although it was designed during WW2, it saw service mainly in the immedate post-war period and powered such combat aeroplane as the Tempest Mk.II, Sea Fury, Buckingham, Brigant and also in civil-used Ambassadors.

   Our replica of the Centaurs (designed to fit the SH32054 Tempest Mk.II model) is also a pinnacle sui generis. Alongside the Sabre in-line engine (CMK 5110 set) it presents the very best we have prepared as yet for 1/32 scale models. The cylinders come as separate parts, there are two styles of the gearbox with and without its aerodynamic-shaped housing which allows the modeller to instal the engine into the model either with or without the propeller. The set contains also the detachable engine cover panels.

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1/72 Ki-43-II/III Hayabusa Cockpit Set, for Special Hobby kit Scale Barcode
129-7408 1/72 8595593126265

Detailed resin cockpit (with a floor, control column, pilot’s seat with belts and an instrument panel) for the Special Hobby’s model of the iconic Japanese Army Air Force WW2 fighter aeroplane. The instrument faces are pre-printed on a piece of clear film.

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1/72 Ki-43 II Hayabusa Control Surface Set, for Special Hobby Scale Barcode
129-7409 1/72 8595593126272

This set consists of the ailerons, tailplanes, elevators and the rudder and has been designed for the Special Hobby’s model of the IJAAF WW2 fighter plane.

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1/72 Ox towing a Me 163B w/2 Luftwaffe Around Crew Scale Barcode
129-F72346 1/72 8595593126289

At the final stages of WW2, the Third Reich faced serious shortage of fuel and to save the maximum amount possible, draft animals were used for taxiing aircraft on airfields, too. Even the most advanced jet and rocket-powered military aircraft such as the Me 262 or Me 163 were often seen in 1945 being towed like a mere middle ages style ox cart.

   This set contains two groundcrew members of the Luftwaffe with a draft animal ready to tow a Me 163 Komet on the airfield (the figures have been sculpted based on a period photo. However, a photo of a Bf 109G being towed by such poor animal also exists). The cow offered in our set can be used in any other type of diorama, too.

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1/48 AF-2/3 Guardian Mainwheels for Special Hobby kit Scale Barcode
129-Q48327 1/48 8595593126296

Special Hobby AF-2S (SH48135) and AF-2W (SH48158) models are very nice, indeed, small mistake unfortunately occured in the wheel hub area. The wheels were designed based on a set of photos taken in a museum  where the displayed aircraft had been fitted with a type of wheel not used on operational machines. The difference is in the number of slots in the hub, and our set brings the correct style ones now. Our latest model of the Guardian, kit #SH48194 already comes with the correct hub type but its styrene tyres cannot offer as much detail as the resin ones of this set. Designed and master part created using 3D technology.

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1/35 German WWI 7.58 cm Leichter minenwerfer n/A – all resin kit Scale Barcode
129-RA059 1/35 8595593126302

During WW1, the army of the German Empire used several types of mortars. Mortars were fairly new kind of military equipment and various armies employed them for the first time in the first decades of the 20th century. The 7.58cm Leichter minenwerfer was a light-weight  weapon comparing to other mortars and was produced in two styles, the earlier known as the a/A and the later n/A (standing for alte Art and neu Art). The n/A variety was equipped with a circular firing platform which permitted a full 360 degree traverse. The barrel was longer and allowed for a direct fire too. These mortars were used by engineer units for a siege type of warfare. By the winter of 1916-1917, these mortars were transferred to infantry units and because of their light weight they could be transported on two wheel carts or even carried by a group of six men. They were used against enemy’s tanks too, because of their 0° - 27° elevation direct fire capability.

   This nicely detailed model has been designed using 3D and master parts created on a 3D printer and it could be finished in either the transport configuration or firing position (with the barrel positioned for direct or indirect fire).

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