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1/32 P-51D Mustang Main Undercarriage Strengthened legs, for Revell kit Scale Barcode
129-5123 1/32 8595593125930

This set consists of new main undercarriage legs made of specially hardened resin material. The cast parts are heat treated in an oven which gives them a high degree of hardiness. What is more, the master pattern was created using 3D technology making the resin cast legs substantially more detailed.

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1/32 P-51D Mustang Metal Drop Tank w/ jutting filler neck (2 pcs), for Revell kit Scale Barcode
129-5128 1/32 8595593125947

Two metal-type drop tanks with jutting filler neck as seen fitted to the P-51D. The tank is a solid resin cast and the neck comes as separate part. You will not find this type of tank in the 1/32 Revell kit. Master pattern created using 3D.

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1/72 P-40N Engine Set, for Special Hobby kit Scale Barcode
129-7390 1/72 8595593125954

This detailed open engine compartment set has been designed to fit the new 1/72 Special Hobby P-40N kit. The set contains also the cowling panels.

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1/35 German WWI Minenwerfer Crewmember Loading Shell Scale Barcode
129-F35342 1/35 8595593125961

CMK bring you a figure of a German WW1 soldier portrayed while loading a shell into a 25cm mortar (CMK offer this resin cast weapon as RA 058, German WW1 25cm schwerer Minenwerfer / Heavy Mortar). The soldier is holding the shell on his shoulder. Among the cast parts, you will find also a wicker basket used for the shell storage. The head and both arms of the figure come as separate parts.

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1/72 Two Kneeling Soldiers and Commanding Officer, US Army Infantry Squad 2nd Division Scale Barcode
129-F72343 1/72 8595593125978

These figures depict US Army soldiers, members of the Infantry Squad 2nd Division on a patrol somewhere in Afghanistan. Two of the figures are kneeling, carrying a breathing apparatus and a MOLLE ruck sack and they are also pointing their SOPMOD M4 carbines forwards. The third figure is portrayed as standing, holding his SOPMOD M4 carbine on his chest, with a MOLLE ruck sack on his back. The soldiers also wear ballistic goggles and/or sun glasses. All the equipment, the helmets and the bulletproof vests provide ultimate detail. The figures are suitable not just for the M1126 Stryker model. The master patterns have been 3D designed and created.

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1/72 RAF Pilot Sitting in Cockpit w/Monkey on Shoulder + 2 Mechanics, Western Desert, for Special Hobby Kittyhawk kit Scale Barcode
129-F72344 1/72 8595593125985

Nicely detailed figure of an RAF pilot as sitting in the cockpit plus two figures of his ground crew while preparing the fighter plane for take off from an African desert air strip. The set has been tailored to fit the new Special Hobby P-40 kit, or to be more precise the Kittyhawk as the plane was known to the Brits. 

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1/32 P-51D Mustang – Tail Wheel with Strengthened leg, for Revell kit Scale Barcode
129-Q32322 1/32 8595593125992

This set contains a brand new tail wheel leg made of specially hardened, oven-baked resin for extra strength. The wheel itself is of a standard type of resin. Both the leg and wheel have been 3D-designed and offer much higher levels of detail compared to the kit parts.

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1/72 Vampire Mainwheels and Nosewheel, for Special Hobby kit Scale Barcode
129-Q72313 1/72 8595593126005

This set brings all new wheels (two main and one nosewheel), the nosewheel comes as one part meaning it is not necessary to assemble it from two halves as the kit item. The tyres of the mainwheels are block tread style. Master pattern was 3D designed.

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1/72 A-4B/P Skyhawk Mainwheels and Nosewheel (early with spoke type hubs), for Airfix kit Scale Barcode
129-Q72314 1/72 8595593126012

This set consists of all new spoke type hub undercarriage wheels, the master patterns have been 3D designed. The nose wheel comes as one part with the lower section of the leg and is an easy replacement of the original Airfix kit underdetailed leg.

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