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The set contains cast resin parts of the engine and radiator cover panels for Special Hobby kits (SH32049, SH32052, SH32070). Could be also used to accompany our detail set no CMK 5110  open engine and radiator installation. 3D designed, master parts 3D printed.
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Tailored to fit the new Special Hobby P-40 kits of versions E, K, M and N, but definitely not only these, is this set of undercarriage wheel wells. It offers both the wells with visible internal wing structure and the more often seen variety of wheel wells with canvas covers. The set brings also the canvas covered tailwheel well.
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This set with a nicely detailed Allison V-1710-39 engine resin replica is designed to fit the new Special Hobby P-40 E model. Contains also the engine cover panels.
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The new Special Hobby P-40 E, K, M and N models will no doubt benefit from the addition of this set which brings the modeller the armament bays for either side of the wing undersurface and also the ammunition magazines which had access panels on the upper wing surface. Contains also the cover panels and nicely detailed Browning M2 gun replicas.
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This set offers new and neatly detailed wheels and tyres with superbly defined tread for the Biber submarine transportation trailer. The Biber trailer is a new kit in Special Armour range produced by Special Hobby. The master parts were 3D designed and produced using a 3D printer.
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The set offers figures of a pilot and two gunners of a multi-engined WW2 US bomber plane crews, and could be used with such models as for example the B-17, B-24, B-25, B-26, A-20, A26..... Each figure comes a one part cast item.
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This seat is intended to be used with the new Special Hobby P-40 kits of the E, K, M and N-1 verisons or the earlier released P-40 F,L kits and will no doubt fit other P-40 models too. The master part of the seat was 3D designed and printed for the best levels of detail. The US type seat belts are cast together with the seat.
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For the new Kittyhawk I, Ia, II, IIa and III models from Special Hobby, but obviously not only these, we have 3D designed this new resin pilot’s seat. Its master part was also produced on a 3D printer. As it is intended to fit the British version of the famous fighter, the seat comes with the British Sutton type of seat belts.
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